Suma Powder from Goji King


Suma (Pfaffia paniculata) is native to the Atlantic rain forest region of Brazil. This wild perennial, belonging to the family Amaranthaceae is an adapto-genic herb, similar to Chinese ginseng. Locals uses suma as a medicine and tonic. Suma is also known as "para tudo" ("for all"). It is an herbal medicine with adaptogenic qualities which helps normalize and enhance body systems, increase resistance to stress, and boost overall functioning. It has been used for a variety of ailments with good efficacy.

Suma is said to support hormonal balance, enhance immunity, increase libido, and a provide a number of normalizing and rejuvenating effects. One of its important properties is that it can increase oxygenation and energy efficiency at the cellular level. Suma contains germanium, beta-ecdysterone, allantoin, and a group of phytochemical saponins. Suma is also a popular food consumed by some athletes. This may be because it contains the phytochemical beta-ecdysterone, and several related chemicals, as well as an unusual concentration of common nutrients and amino acids.

This product is a top grade, fine, milled root powder.

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